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Improving Physical Fitness Levels Among 6- and 7-Year-Old Children as a Result of Physical and Sports Education


The purpose of the study was to extend knowledge about physical fitness levels and their development among first-grade elementary school students as a result of school physical and sports education. A total of 23 children participated in the study, and nine physical fitness tests were administered to determine their physical fitness levels (Měkota & Blahuš, 1983; Šimonek, 2015). The t test for dependent samples was used to determine changes in physical fitness levels for both sexes. Boys showed significant improvements in the 20-meter dash, repeated routine with a pole, standing long jump and 4 x 10 m shuttle run. Girls showed significant improvements in the 20-meter dash test and a repeated routine with a pole. The results have confirmed the necessity to enhance physical fitness levels in children and systematically develop all motor abilities in physical and sports education classes.

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Sports and Recreation, Physical Education, Sports Psychology, Sociology of Sports, other