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Effect of Trapezoidal Shapes on the Thermal Buckling Behaviour of Perforated Composite Plates


Thermal buckling study on the symmetric laminated composite trapezoidal plate with a circular cutout subjected to a uniform increase in temperature for various boundary conditions is explored in this paper. In a mathematical model, the first-order shear deformation principle is employed in accordance with the variational energy system. For acquiring the thermal buckling temperature, a nine-node heterosis plate relation has been used in the finite element formulation. By correlating the present findings with accessible literature, the effectiveness of the present formulation is verified. The impact of different parameters, such as trapezoidal shape, cutout size, ply-orientation, plate edge conditions and plate width to thickness ratio have been considered to study the effect of each parameters on the buckling characteristics of plate under various temperatures. It is observed from the study that each parametric investigation significantly affect the thermal buckling behaviour of trapezoidal plates.

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