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An Approach for Counting Breeding Eels Using Mathematical Morphology Operations and Boundary Detection


The Mekong Delta region of Vietnam has great potential for agricultural development thanks to natural incentives. Many livestock industries have developed for a long time and play an important role in the country with many agricultural export products. In the era of breakthrough technologies and advances in information technology, many techniques are used to support the development of smart agriculture. In particular, computer vision techniques are widely applied to help farmers save a lot of labour and cost. This study presents an approach for counting eels based on Mathematical Morphology Operations and Boundary Detection from images of breeding eels captured with the proposed photo box. The proposed method is evaluated using data collected directly from a breeding eel farm in Vietnam. The authors of the research evaluate and investigate the length distribution of eels to select the appropriate size for counting tasks. The experiments show positive results with an average Mean Absolute Error of 2.2 over a tray of more than 17 eels. The contribution of the research is to provide tools to support farmers in eel farms to save time and effort and improve efficiency.