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Some Aspects of Good Practice for Safe Use of Wi-Fi, Based on Experiments and Standards


The aim of the research is to study the effect of microwave Wi-Fi radiation on humans and plants. The paper investigates national standards for permissible exposure levels to microwave radiation, measures electric field intensity and justifies the point of view regarding the safe use of microwave technologies based on multiple plant cultivation experiments at different distances from a Wi-Fi router. The results demonstrate that the radiation of Wi-Fi routers significantly impairs the growth, development, yield and unexpected drought resistance of plants at short distances from the microwave source (up to 1 m to 2 m; –33 dBm to –43 dBm; >10 V/m). Slight effects are found up to about 4.5 m from a full-power home Wi-Fi router. As a result, suggestions are made for safe and balanced use of modern wireless technologies, which can complement occupational safety and health regulations.