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Occurence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in raw cow milk from vending machines


The prevalence of antibiotic resistant coliform bacteria and enterococci in fresh raw cow milk obtained from four vending machines in Slovakia was assessed. Also, differences in the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in milk according to season (winter and summer) were compared. Number of total coliform bacteria ranged from 2.45 to 4.18 log CFU/mL. Majority of them were resistant to ampicillin. This was expected due to their intrinsic resistance apart from Escherichia coli which is sensitive to ampicillin. In addition, we observed also tetracycline and gentamicin resistance. Each of our samples contained E.coli. Number of total enterococci ranged from 1.95 to 3.78 log CFU/mL. We have observed predominantly vancomycin resistance in all tested samples. In samples taken during winter we have found higher number of total and resistant coliforms as well as total enterococci compared to those taken during summer.

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