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Spectroscopic Study of Metal (II) Complex of Sulphamethazine with 1,10 Phenanthroline


As part of the current research for more effective antimalarial drug, Cu (II) complex of sulphamethazine with 1,10 phenanthroline was synthesized. The novel complex was characterized by Elemental analysis, FT-IR and electronic spectroscopy. The novel complex is insoluble in water, which is an indication of covalent and non- electrolyte character. The elemental analysis result of the complex correspond with the proposed formula [Cu(SUF)(phen)(SCN)2]. The electronic spectrum of sulfamethazine and 1, 10- phen showed absorption bands at 212 nm (47169 cm−1) and 306 nm (32679 cm–1). These bands were assigned to the n – δ* and π – δ* transitions. The infrared bands were seen at 3443 – 3344 cm −1which were attributed to the presence of v(NH2), v(NH) and v (OH) vibrations experience bathochromic shift in the metal complex. The parent ligands acted as a bidentate chelating agent showing coordination through the pyridine nitrogen and the nitrogen of the NH moiety in this case.

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