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Basilaphelenchus hyrcanus n. sp. (Rhabditida: Tylaphelenchinae) associated with bark of a beech tree (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) from northern Iran


Basilaphelenchus hyrcanus n. sp., the sixth species of the newly established genus was isolated during a nematode survey associated with bark samples of beech tree in northern Iran, which differs from the other species by body size, stylet length, metacorpus structure, and tail characters of both genders. The new species is also characterized by elevated cephalic region with sclerotised vestibule, posteriorly directed stylet knobs, well-developed metacorpus filling corresponding body region, position of excretory pore at the level of base of metacarpus, length of post uterine sac by 38–60 μm long, conoid elongate tail by sharp to finely rounded tip in female. Based upon the morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analyses of partial 18 S and D2-D3 28 S rDNA segments, the new species mostly resembles B. magnabulbus. However, B. hyrcanus n. sp. is clearly different from this species by having a longer stylet, different position of the excretory pore, a different male tail tip characters and 4.4 and 13.2% sequence divergences in 18 S and D2-D3 28 S, respectively.

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