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On the molecular identity of Paratylenchus nanus Cobb, 1923 (Nematoda: Tylenchida)


In this study, molecular characterization of Paratylenchus nanus collected from the type locality in Four Mile Run, Fall Church, Virginia using COI, D2-D3 of 28 S rRNA and ITS rRNA gene sequences was provided. We molecularly also characterized, Paratylenchus specimens collected from grasses in Devils Lake, Ramsey County, North Dakota indicated as the type locality in the original description of P. nanus by Cobb (1923). These nematodes were identified as representatives of the species P. projectus. Populations of P. nanus belonging to the molecular types A and B, and previously designated by Van den Berg et al. (2014) should be now identified as P. nanus and P. projectus, respectively.

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