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First report of Longidorus mindanaoensis Coomans, De Ley, Jimenez and De Ley, 2012 (Nematoda: Longidoridae) From a Mangrove Forest in Vietnam


Longidorus mindanaoensis was recovered from a mangrove forest in Vietnam. The recovered population is in general morphological agreement with the type population, and the characters of pharyngeal bulb, i.e. the same unique pattern of pharyngeal glands nuclei as well as the lip region morphology, amphidial fovea shape and size and position of vulva corroborated its identity. Molecular studies of the recovered population using D2–D3 expansion segments of large subunit ribosomal DNA (LSU rDNA D2–D3) revealed the D2–D3 sequence of recovered population is 99.6% similar to the sequence of the type population. A new morphometric range for body size was recorded for the species based upon present Vietnamese population, and present study emphasized the diversity of Longidorus spp. in Vietnam could be higher than previously assumed.

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