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Distribution, symptomatology and histological analysis of benign tumours within the upper extremity


Introduction: Benign tumours of the hand and upper limb are frequently seen by hand surgeons. The literature in this field is relatively rich, however there are several issues which are not referenced in the literature or are subject to divergent opinions. These concerns complaints caused by the tumours.

The objective of this study was to investigate the distribution, symptomatology and histological analysis of benign tumours within the upper extremity.

Materials and methods: The study group consisted of 346 patients – 234 women (68%) and 112 men (32%) at a mean age of 53 years who were operated on in the authors’ institution between 2015–2018. The criteria of inclusion were as follows: the presence of a tumour in the upper extremity which was not a ganglion cyst or malignant tumour, and available results of histopathological examination of the resected tumour.

Results: Most lesions – 231 (67%) were localized in the digits, followed by the metacarpus – 46 (13.3%). The size of most of the tumours – 204 (59%) was 0.6–2 cm. The tumours were present for a mean duration of 2.6 years before surgical excision. For most patients, an unaesthetic appearance of the hand was the primary problem. Most of the tumours – 248 (72%), were symptomatic by means of pain at compression or caused mild dysfunction. In the study group, most tumours were giant-cell tumours of the tendon sheath – 96 (27.7%), lipomas – 44 (12.7%) and rheumatoid nodules – 30 (8.7%).

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