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An analysis of the effect of the technique of the repair and postoperative rehabilitation protocol on the treatment outcomes of flexor tendon injuries: a review


This study covers updated information on the methods of the repair of flexor tendon injuries, postoperative rehabilitation protocols and their effect on treatment outcomes. Contemporary techniques of flexor tendon repair are based on combinations of various types of core sutures and circumferential epitenon sutures. Literature shows a tendency of replacing earlier 2-strand core tendon sutures with novel multistrand core sutures, however the results of meta-analyses do not confirm any definitive superiority over traditional techniques. Likewise, literature does not provide conclusive evidence that early active postoperative mobilization results in better outcomes than active-passive and controlled passive mobilization techniques. The choice of the method of flexor tendon repair and postoperative rehabilitation protocol depends only in part on scientific evidence, but more on individual or institutional preference of the surgeon.

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