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Contamination of food with cadmium and dioxins – influence on the human body


Introduction: Food is a carrier of many pollutants nowadays. For cadmium and dioxins, it is the main source of these compounds in the general population.

Hence, the aim of this work was to collect data on the health effects associated with exposure to cadmium and dioxins which get into the human body through food.

Materials and methods: A literature review was conducted by searching the scientific Medline database (PubMed) and Google Scholar.

Results: Health effects associated with a long-term exposure to low doses of cadmium and dioxins may be nonspecific and are rarely attributed to food sources. These may cause disorders affecting hormonal balance, kidney function, lipid metabolism, fertility, cognitive function, bone mineralization, and susceptibility to diseases and allergies. These compounds may also lead to cancer development.

Conclusions: The general population faces the problem of long-term exposure to small doses of these substances due to their accumulation in the body, even if their amounts do not exceed the relevant standards. The health effects of this type of exposure may be significantly delayed and are not likely to be attributed to the consumption of contaminated food. Consumers wishing to reduce the amounts of these compounds delivered to the body should limit the consumption of grilled and smoked products, and should also opt for organic food.

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