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Joint assessment in haemophilia – current physiotherapist practice in the UK


Aim: UK guidelines recommend regular assessment of joint status in children with haemophilia using a standardised tool performed by haemophilia physiotherapists. We surveyed UK physiotherapists working in haemophilia care regarding their current practice with respect to joint scoring. Methods: A survey was posted on SurveyMonkey and all haemophilia physiotherapists practising in the UK were invited to respond. Responses were analysed and discussed at a roundtable meeting attended by invited physiotherapists and specialist haemophilia nurses. Results: In all, responses were received from 29 of the estimated 37 physiotherapists in the UK who see haemophilia patients. Both the survey and subsequent discussion reflected agreement that joint scoring offers a valuable tool to clinicians, but that better ways of assessing joint health were needed. There was enthusiasm for combining joint scoring with systematic and validated patient-reported outcome measures. Conclusion: Greater understanding is needed of the relationship between joint scores and measures of physical function and quality of life.

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