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Statistical study on bodyweight and body fat among students from the Physical Education and Sport Faculty in Iaşi


This papers aims at identifying the mean body mass index and body fat percentage among students from Physical Education and Sport Faculty in Iaşi.

The study was conducted on a series of 297 students majoring in Physical Education and Sports, but also in Kinetotherapy and Special Motricity (bachelor studies and master studies). By determining the body mass index mean and body fat mean for students within five specialties, we managed to classify them into categories. The assessment of body mass index was conducted using the standard formula BMI= weight in kilograms/height in meters2 and that of body fat using the Fat Track II body fat calliper.

Research findings highlighted that the body mass index mean values for each academic year range within normal parameters. As for body fat, the mean value of all academic years ranges in the “very good” and “good” categories. Whereas most mean values range within normal limits, it must not be neglected that overweight or underweight cases were also pinpointed, which should be a warning sign for the future specialists in the field of Physical Education and Sports.

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