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Improvement of lower limbs specific endurance-speed combined motor ability in elite athletes of Qwan Ki Do martial art


The present study wishes to highlight the effects of some physical training means within the preparatory phase on specific endurance-speed combined motor ability in lower limbs, in Qwan Ki Do martial art. We started from the hypothesis that using an efficient planning and adequate means it is possible to improve the combined motor ability in lower limbs, with positive effects on athletes’ efficiency.

The experiment was performed over 5 weeks. In the study were included 11 male (group 1) and 8 female (group 2) elite athletes from the Romanian Qwan Ki Do national team. The team was in the preparatory phase for participating in European Championships. The means used for the experiment included long runs with constant tempo, Fartlek runs, intermittent long, medium, and short runs and also general and specific force–endurance and endurance–speed circuits.

The results reveal a general significant progress in tests in both groups, suggesting that an adequate programme could conduct to the improvement of specific endurance-speed combination in lower limbs, which may represent an important support in athletes’ physical training.

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