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09 Nov 2012
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Factors influencing the movements during the breeding season of a female booted eagle (Aquila pennata) tagged by satellite in central Catalonia (Spain)

Published Online: 13 Dec 2016
Volume & Issue: Volume 10 (2016) - Issue 1 (December 2016)
Page range: 81 - 94
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First Published
09 Nov 2012
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Foraging movements during the breeding season are a poorly studied aspect of booted eagle behaviour. We have investigated the relationship between weather and other abiotic factors and foraging behaviour, and also resource use by a female booted eagle, tagged by satellite-GPS transmitter in central Catalonia, during summer 2012 and spring 2013. Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) revealed that the distance travelled from the nest was significantly related to temperature, but also to the time of day and the age of chicks. Temperature also had a significant positive influence on flight altitude and the latter on flight speed. The Resource Utilization Function (RUF) showed significant resource use in locations close to water (rivers and water bodies) and also in agricultural areas, preferably close to urban areas and rivers. On the other hand, unlike in other areas of Spain, the use of the edges between forest and agricultural areas and forest areas themselves showed negative coefficients with values not significant, perhaps related to changes in prey availability in the traditional hunting grounds.


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