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Transplantation is Not Enough..., or on the Concept of Xenotransplantation


The paper presents the emergence of the concept of xenotransplantation which is a relatively new issue in the literature on the subject. It is due to the fact that transplants of animal organs are currently in the experimental phase. The main current problem of transplantology is the shortage of organs; hence, the search for new solutions has become an everyday challenge. If a way for the human body to tolerate animal organs could be found, transplant medicine and humanity would be in a completely different place. The authors introduce the concepts of transplantation and xenotransplantation and their origins, then they raise ethical issues related to this type of organ transplantation. Finally, the authors conclude that xenotransplantations have a chance to be “incorporated” (back again) in the “transplants” category when the experimental phase of xenotransplantation shifts to the implementation stage. Time will tell whether it will be possible.

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