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Optimization of Typological Requirements for Low-Cost Detached Houses

   | Oct 03, 2017


The presented paper deals with an analysis of the legislative, hygienic, functional and operational requirements for the design of detached houses and individual dwellings in terms of typological requirements. The article also presents a sociological survey about the preferences and subjective requirements of relevant public group segments in terms of living in a detached house or an individual dwelling. The aim of the paper is to define the possibilities for the optimization of typological requirements. The optimization methods are based on principles already applied to contemporary detached house preferences and trends. The main idea is to reduce the amount of floor space, thus lowering construction and operating costs. The goal is to design an optimized floor plan, while preserving the hygienic criteria for individual residential dwellings. By applying optimization methods, a so-called rationalized and conditioned floor plan results in an individual dwelling floor plan design that can be compared to a reference model with an accurate quantification comparison. The significant sources of research are the legislative and normative requirements in the field of house construction in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad.

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