Open Access

Augmented reality environments for teaching innovation

   | Dec 26, 2019


This contribution presents the results of research on teaching practices supported by augmented reality conducted in school contexts in the three-year period 2015–2017. With reference to the objectives of the National Plan for Digital Education relating to the realisation of innovative learning pathways to promote critical thinking, reflection and creativity, attention is addressed here to the digital environments and in particular to the augmented reality environments for school education.

Specifically, the article aims to reflect on the impact of augmented reality in learning for secondary school students, in relation to the co-constructive and participative approach of knowledge and to the expressive re-elaboration. For this purpose, the analysis of the data of a questionnaire is proposed, administered to secondary school teachers from various Italian regions, in regard to heritage education developed by means of augmented reality. Both the strengths, with particular reference to the elements of teaching innovation, and the critical aspects have been examined to identify the elements/processes capable of making innovative learning practices sustainable.