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Coatings manufactured using magnetron sputtering technology to protect against infrared radiation for use in firefighter helmets


The aim of this study was to test the usefulness of magnetron sputtering technology to produce coatings on selected elements of a firefighter’s helmet to protect against infrared radiation (PN-EN 171 standard). The scope of research includes testing the deposition produced via magnetron sputtering of metallic and ceramic coatings on plastics, which are used to manufacture the components comprising the personal protection equipment used by firefighters. The UV-VIS, NIR used to research the permeation coefficients and reflections for light and infrared light and the emission spectrometry with ICP-AES used for the quantitative analysis of elements in metallic and ceramic coatings. Microstructural and micro-analytical testing of the coatings were performed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Measurements of the chemical compositions were conducted using energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS). The hardnesss of the coatings were tested using a indentation method, and the coating thicknesses were tested using a ellipsometry method.

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