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Philosophy of Sport Education: Main Issues and Methodology


The aim of this study is to reflect upon the main issues of the so-called philosophy of sport education, showing its methodologies and possible use in the context of sport studies. This study will begin answering two of the main questions dealing with the issues of the philosophy of sport education, that is: what are sport and its values from an educational philosophical perspective and how can we put these values into practice through a practical methodology?

The study will show that the philosophy of sport education is a human science capable of developing both a theoretical and practical knowledge very useful for physical education teachers, sport educators, athletes, and coaches. The aim of this philosophical science is to analyze and understand sport in order to give it an educational and hermeneutical sense: that is, interpreting and not merely describing sport and its complex problems, and trying to find a solution in light of a pedagogical perspective and through a reflexive methodology of intervention.