The main objective of this paper is to report new information about the distribution and ecology of a recently described diatom species, Geissleria gereckei. The opportunity for updating the information on the distribution and ecology of the species was provided by the finding of well-developed G. gereckei populations on the lithic material and bryophytes in the Raška and Mlava rivers (Serbia). For several years after the first description, G. gereckei has been known only from the type locality and from another spring in the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park (the south-eastern Alps). After accurate LM and SEM observations, we provide evidence for the occurrence of the species also in the two above-mentioned rivers in Serbia, as well as in the south-western and south-eastern Alps. After an extensive literature search, it appears that the species is known with certainty only from these sites. Our observations and details from the literature suggest that the species is able to occupy a much broader ecological niche than the very-specific one observed at the time of discovery. The two main determinants for the species’ occurrence appear to be the carbonate nature of the catchments or aquifers, and the ability of the species to be competitive in habitats or microhabitats exposed to seasonal desiccation.

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