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Simulation and Optimization of Throttle Flowmeter with Inner-Outer Tube Element


In order to solve the dilemma between the smaller pressure loss and the larger flow measurement signal in traditional throttle flowmeters, a throttle structure with the inner-outer tube was designed and analyzed. The mathematical relationship model deduced from hydrodynamics showed there were three major parameters to determine the designed throttle structure. Furthermore, the optimal results were achieved by combining orthogonal test design and computational fluid dynamics by taking the ratio of differential pressure of inner-outer tube divided by that of anterior-posterior tube as the optimization goal. Finally, the simulation results with the best level parameters showed that the differential pressure of the anterior-posterior throttle could remain not only the smaller value among other parameters with the same structure of inner-outer tube. On the other hand, it was about one order magnitude less than differential pressure of V-cone flowmeter in the similar installation conditions with the flow velocity varying from 0.5 to 3.0 m/s. The designed inner-outer tube flowmeter can not only save manufacture costs, but also avoid the large sensitivity of pressure sensors, which may lead to a broader application in chemical and petrochemical enterprises.

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