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Simple Oscillator with Enlarged Tunability Range Based on ECCII and VGA Utilizing Commercially Available Analog Multiplier


This work presents an example of implementation of electronically controllable features to an originally unsuitable circuit structure of oscillator. Basic structure does not allow any electronic control and has mutually dependent condition of oscillation (CO) and frequency of oscillation (FO) if only values of passive elements are considered as the only way of control. Utilization of electronically controllable current conveyor of second generation (ECCII) brings control of CO independent of FO. Additional application of voltage amplifier with variable gain in both polarities (voltage-mode multiplier) to feedback loop allows also important enlargement of the range of the independent FO control. Moreover, our proposal was tested and confirmed experimentally with commercially available active elements (“Diamond transistor”, current-mode multiplier, voltage-mode multiplier) in working range of tens of MHz.

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