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On Location Estimation Technique Based of the Time of Flight in Low-power Wireless Systems


This study deals with the distance estimation issue in low-power wireless systems being usually used for sensor networking and interconnecting the Internet of Things. There is an effort to locate or track these sensor entities for different needs the radio signal time of flight principle from the theoretical and practical side of application research is evaluated. Since these sensor devices are mainly targeted for low power consumption appliances, there is always need for optimization of any aspects needed for regular sensor operation. For the distance estimation we benefit from IEEE 802.15.4a technology, which offers the precise ranging capabilities. There is no need for additional hardware to be used for the ranging task and all fundamental measurements are acquired within the 15.4a standard compliant hardware in the real environment. The proposed work examines the problems and the solutions for implementation of distance estimation algorithms for WSN devices. The main contribution of the article is seen in this real testbed evaluation of the ranging technology.

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