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A posteriori error estimates for mixed finite volume solution of elliptic boundary value problems


The major emphasis of this work is the derivation of a posteriori error estimates for the mixed finite volume discretization of second-order elliptic equations. The estimates are established for meshes consisting of simplices on unstructured grids. We consider diffusion problems with nonhomogeneous diffusion coefficients. The error estimates are of residual types and are formulated in the energy semi-norm for a locally postprocessed approximate solutions. The estimates are fully computable and locally efficient that they can serve as indicators for adaptive refinement and for the actual control of the error. Numerical results are shown for two test examples in two space dimensions. It is found that the proposed adaptive mixed finite volume method offers a robust and accurate approach for solving second-order elliptic equations, even when highly nonhomogeneous diffusion coefficients are used in the simulations.