The current maintenance system, preventively planned and applied to the military equipment according to the necessities, involves the rigorous execution of maintenance operations, which results in high costs and volume of work. These causes generally determine the formality of planned repairs and maintenance, with detrimental effects for the availability of vehicles. Moreover, the constructive-functional level of the current technical systems leads to the reorientation of adopting maintenance strategies that correspond to the availability level of the constructive kits to computerized diagnosis operations, such as the maintenance based on operational reliability. For some types of vehicles, the periodical technical inspection, besides allowing for regular traffic on public roads, can offer significant data for the managerial and technical implementation of the maintenance based on operational reliability within the military units. The paper aims at offering viable and efficient solutions for executing maintenance activities and for making vehicles available by turning to good account the data resulting from the technical diagnosis process, correlated with an optimal management of maintenance.