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Influence of 1-Methylcyclopropene and ULO Conditions on Sensory Characteristics of Apple Fruit Grown in Latvia


The aim of the study was to evaluate the influence of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) treatment and ultra-low oxygen (ULO) storage conditions on the sensory characteristics of apples. Two apple storage technologies were tested in this study: cold storage under traditional conditions in combination with 1-MCP treatment, and ULO storage with two different compositions of a gas mixture. Apples were stored for 6 months. After storage, the sensory characteristics were analysed. Sensory evaluation showed that storage technology affected the sensory characteristics and panelists’ acceptability. Distinctive differences were found between apples stored under controlled atmosphere and traditional conditions. Trained panelists highlighted that samples stored under controlled atmosphere had pronounced juiciness and color, while 1-MCP-treated apples stored in cold were sweeter and more aromatic. Apples of the autumn cultivar ‘Auksis’, was perceived considerably higher after harvest and before long-term storage, compared with other cultivars. During 6 months of storage in controlled atmosphere, the sensory quality of these apples remained intact. Also, the sensory quality of fruit of the winter cultivar ‘Sinap Orlovskij’ throughout 6 months of its storage in controlled atmosphere remained intact. Besides, it was noticed that apples stored in controlled atmosphere were juicier and more aromatic with intense color. There is a positive effect of 1-MCP treatment on maintenance of apple quality stored in normal atmosphere for 6 months. With regard to some quality parameters and sensory attributes, 1-MCP-treated apples stored under normal atmosphere are comparable to those stored under ULO conditions.

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