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Pulsed Power Network Based On Decentralized Intelligence For Reliable And Lowloss Electrical Power Distribution


Pulsed power network is proposed for reliable and low loss electrical power distribution among various type of power sources and consumers. The proposed scheme is a derivative of power packet network so far investigated that has affinity with dispersion type power sources and has manageability of energy coloring in the process of power distribution. In addition to these advantages, the proposed scheme has system reliability and low loss property because of its intelligent operation performed by individual nodes and direct relaying by power routers. In the proposed scheme, power transmission is decomposed into a series of electrical pulses placed at specified power slots in continuous time frames that are synchronized over the network. The power slots are pre-reserved based on information exchanges among neighboring nodes following inherent algorithm of the proposed scheme. Because of this power slots reservation based on decentralized intelligence, power pulses are directly transmitted from various power sources to consumers with the least power dissipation even though a partial failure occurs in the network. The network operations with the proposed scheme is simulated to confirm the algorithms for the power slots reservation and to evaluate the power network capacity.

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