The Forestry and Game Management Research Institute (Czechia) was founded on 31st October 1921 with the establishment of the Forest Protection Department. In the era before and after the World War II, several more institutes were founded, and they underwent a number of reorganizations during the 1950s and finally took the form more or less corresponding with the current one. The institute went through further major changes in the early 1990s. In the 1950s, the forestry research saw dynamic development, partially also caused by a significant increase in the number of experts and finalization of the original concept of the institutional structure which covered almost all fields of forestry. Research focused on topical issues of the forest management, covering forest protection, silviculture, forest ecology, biology ad breeding of forest trees, seed growing, forest economy, forestry mechanization, forest management planning and game management. Results were provided to the forestry practice, and there also were numerous monographs and both scientific and expert articles which helped disseminate new findings. Many of these findings have been applied up to now and others built the basis for further research that has been followed on by the current generation of researchers.

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