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Is cable yarding a dangerous occupation? A Survey from the public and private sector


Cable yarding is a physically demanding and dangerous occupation in forest harvesting. Currently, the technology is gaining interest due to its low environmental impacts compared to the ground based technologies. This paper was focused on comparing the subjective opinions regarding occupational safety and work environment with objective findings found in the literature. We used a questionnaire with 33 questions, divided into three main parts: (i) personal traits of the participants; (ii) occupation description; and (iii) the occupational risks identified the participants. The sample consisted of 92 workers who operated cable yarders from both the public and the private sector. Our survey showed that 90% of public and 75% of private sector employees view their work as physically very demanding. Regarding risky behaviour, 50% of public, and 54% of private employees stated they risked only when the circumstances forced them to. However, more than 41% of public and 50% of private employees stated they suffered an occupational accident in the last ten years of working with this technology. Considering the workers worked in unstable climatic conditions, on unstable terrain, and the work environment presents other hazards, such as the loads, sharp tools and equipment, this result was not surprising.

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