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Reconstructing past forest status using inventory and tree ring data to support uneven-aged forest management


The decision to change forest management system from the traditional even-aged to the selection one based on statistical inventory is often limited by a missing previous inventory. To avoid this issue, we used available forest inventory data from ca 2 000 ha of mixed uneven-aged beech-fir-spruce-pine forest and tree ring data from 831 trees to reconstruct forest status from one decade ago. For this purpose, we have created three sets of species-specific models: 1) diameter-stump models to reconstruct the diameter of missing trees, 2) diameter-increment models based on tree ring data to estimate past diameters, and 3) height-diameter models to estimate past tree heights. This approach has allowed us to completely reconstruct the state of the forest as it was ten years ago and use the results as a substitution for a previously missing inventory.

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