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Analysis of Grassland ANPP Dynamics Due to Changes in Climate Variables at Ukrainian Biosphere Reserve ‘Askania-Nova’


The Ukrainian feather-grass steppe ecosystems are highly vulnerable to climate changes. To study the impact of climatic factors on steppe ecosystems’ productivity, the correlation and stepwise regression analysis between ANPP and other variables were provided. The correlation of bioclimatic variables (month precipitation, relative humidity and air and soil temperatures) and above-ground net primary production (ANPP) were investigated for three study plots that represent major steppe microrelief: plain, slope and lowland. The results of multiple regression analysis showed the major components that influenced the ANPP at each of the study plots ‘Plain’, ‘Slope’ and ‘Lowland’. The precipitation and relative humidity in the months before the vegetation peak were most important for ANPP accumulation.

Results of this study are important for the prediction of ecosystem changes under the climate changes and also for the development of nature conservation programmes.

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