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Fuzzy Bio-Inspired Hybrid Techniques for Server Consolidation and Virtual Machine Placement in Cloud Environment


Cloud computing technology has transformed the information and communication technology industry by authorizing on-demand resource delivery to the cloud users. Datacenters are the major resource storage places from where the resources are disseminated to the requesters. When several requests are received by datacenters, the available resources are to be handled in an optimized way; otherwise the datacenters suffer from resource wastage. Virtualization is the technology that helps the cloud providers to handle several requests in an optimized way. In this regard, virtual machine placement, i.e., the process of mapping virtual machines to physical machines is considered to be the major research issue. In this paper, we propose to apply fuzzy hybrid bio-inspired meta-heuristic techniques for solving the virtual machine placement problem. The cuckoo search technique is hybridized with the fuzzy ant colony optimization and fuzzy firefly colony optimization technique. The experimental results obtained show competing performance of the proposed algorithms.

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