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Discrete Path Selection and Entropy Based Sensor Node Failure Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks


Exertion of wireless sensor networks has been increasing in recent years, and it imprints in almost all the technologies such as machine industry, medical, military and civil applications. Due to rapid growth in electronic fabrication technology, low cost, efficient, multifunctional and accurate sensors can be produced and thus engineers tend to incorporate many sensors in the area of deployment. As the number of sensors in the field increases, the probability of failure committed by these sensors also increases. Hence, efficient algorithms to detect and recover the failure of sensors are paramount. The current work concentrates mainly on mechanisms to detect sensor node failures on the basis of the delay incurred in propagation and also the energy associated with sensors in the field of deployment. The simulation shows that the algorithm plays in the best possible way to detect the failure in sensors. Finally, the Boolean sensing model is considered to calculate the network coverage of the wireless sensor network for various numbers of nodes in the network.

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