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Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Strategy for Communication Networks Selection in Smart Grid


Different communication networks are used in the different application environment of the smart grid. So, how to effectively select the communication networks with the optimal comprehensive performance is an important issue for the power management corporations. A novel comprehensive performance evaluation based on Exponential Scale Analytic Hierarchy Process (ESAHP) and Grey Analytic Hierarchy Process (GAHP) for the communication networks selection is proposed in the electricity information acquisition system. The ESAHP is used to calculate the weight of each communication performance index and the economic performance index, and the GAHP is adopted to evaluate the economic cost of the different communication modes. The optimal comprehensive communication model can be selected by comprehensively comparing the communication performance and the economic cost. The test results show that the assessment model can effectively evaluate the comprehensive performance of the different communication networks selection in the electricity information acquisition system of the smart grid.

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