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Three-Dimensional Image Measurement by Pattern Projection Using a Single Observation Image

 and    | Dec 30, 2015
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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
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Since three-dimensional image measurement allows object surface shapes and dimensions to be obtained quickly and without any contact, it has recently been intensively studied in a wide range of fields, including industry, medicine and security. Three-dimensional image measurement technologies can be broadly classified into passive techniques, such as stereovision and active techniques, such as patterned light projection. Among these, the method of projecting optimum intensity modulated light patterns for three-dimensional image measurement can obtain three-dimensional information on the measured object with a single projection, so it is expected to be highly applicable in practice. Measurement can be performed using a single observation image when the object to be measured has simple colouration or surface reflectivity, but for complex objects, eliminating the influence of colour and surface reflectivity requires a reference image to correct the intensity of the observed pattern. To address this, we propose an analysis method and image correction technology, using a novel colour system for realizing three-dimensional measurements using only one observation image.

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