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25 Nov 2011
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A molecular characteristic of the Anatidae mitochondrial control region – a review

Published Online: 30 Jan 2018
Volume & Issue: Volume 18 (2018) - Issue 1 (January 2018)
Page range: 3 - 15
Received: 15 Dec 2016
Accepted: 20 Jul 2017
Journal Details
First Published
25 Nov 2011
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a molecular tool that is very effective in genetic research, including phylogenetic analysis. The non-coding region is the most variable fragment of mtDNA, showing variability in length and nucleobase composition and containing three domains: two hypervariable peripheral regions and the conserved domain (D-loop) in the middle. The Anseriformes are amongst the best studied avian groups, including approximately 150 species and containing geese, swans, ducks (Anatidae), the Magpie goose (Anseranatidae) and screamers (Anhimidae). The most numerous family is the Anatidae, appearing in close relationships within the phylogenetic branches of the species. There are differences between the non-coding region of the Anatidae in comparison to other avian control regions. In the article presented below the control region sequences and the phylogeny of the Anatidae were reviewed.


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