The impact of biomass addition to the RDF oversize fraction on quality parameters obtained from this blend of briquettes produced under semi-industrial conditions was analysed. For the purposes related to the experiment four RDF mixtures with fragmented biomass of common willow Salix viminalis L., differing only with percentage participation of base elements, were prepared. The briquetting process was performed with the use of a semi-industrial briquetting machine at the determined compaction pressure of 47 MPa and a diameter of a sleeve (and a briquette at the same time) of 50 mm. Selected quality parameters of produced briquettes were determined, i.e. density, mechanical strength DU and compression strength. The best parameters were obtained for briquettes produced from the blend with a 50% share of willow (ρ=843.9 kg · m-3, DU=86.1%, Rc=0.46 MPa). The lowest parameters were in case of briquettes without biomass addition. Statistical analysis of research results indicates that biomass additions to RDF significantly affect the improvement of quality parameters of the obtained briquettes.