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25 Mar 2014
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Pulmonary Hypertension in the Dog

Published Online: 23 Mar 2016
Volume & Issue: Volume 66 (2016) - Issue 1 (March 2016)
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Received: 23 Sep 2015
Accepted: 12 Oct 2015
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25 Mar 2014
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Canine pulmonary hypertension is a clinical condition that needs to be adequately investigated and recognised because of the lack of specific clinical signs, the potential for rapid and irreversible deterioration of pulmonary vascular function and the development of right-sided heart failure. In recent years, many studies have been published on pulmonary hypertension, improving the understanding of its pathophysiology, the accuracy of diagnostic tests and the management of affected patients. This article provides updated information on pulmonary hypertension and serves as a resource for veterinarians regarding the interpretation of diagnostic tests and the clinical management of affected dogs.


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