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Nowoczesna deinstytucjonalizacja zdrowia – przegląd nowych trendów społecznych w zdrowiu publicznym w ujęciu terytorialnym

   | 31 mar 2024
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Prace i Studia Geograficzne
Edited by Mikołaj Madurowicz, Marta Szczepańska


Being one of the policy goals of the European Union, the deinstitutionalization of social services, originally understood as deconcentration, is changing its character nowadays. Health as a concept in the field of axiology is gaining importance not only among researchers, but also – through the development of widespread awareness and, as a result, practical knowledge of society – for the general population. Rising health consciousness, aided by developing technologies and innovations is causing social changes in behavioral patterns, resulting in spatial and community functioning changes. The decline of health institutions, as a quintessential feature of these changes, should be seen (with an awareness of their potential risks) as an opportunity for developing more independent and shock-resistant communities.

Polski, Angielski
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