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An Evaluation on Supply Chain Structure in the Tourism Industry


As the competition became intense and markets get globalized after 1990s, difficulties also increased created by delivering a product and a service to the correct place at the right time with the lowest cost. Enterprises understood that increasing the efficiency within an organization is not sufficient on its own against these increasing difficulties, instead, all supply chains should be competitive. Today, the supply chain became a preliminary condition for enterprises to remain competitive in the global race. Upon examining research performed regarding the supply chain, it is seen that a major part of the related literature focuses on generally the service industry and especially the manufacturing industry by making few references to the tourism industry. In this study which is based on the literature screening, the concept of the supply chain, its structures, and the benefits of creating supply chains moreover the concept of supply chains in the tourism industry, its structure and cooperation have been covered and the importance of supply chain in the tourism industry has been tried to be emphasized.