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Diffusion MRI: mitigation of magnetic field inhomogeneities


The article reports on certain artifacts that emerge during the in vitro diffusion-weighted imaging of physical samples. In this context, the authors analyze the influence of magnetic field inhomogeneity, temperature, or eddy currents and consider artifact mitigation procedures. A technique reducing the examined spurious effects was designed, experimentally verified, and denominated as the three measurement method. The technique proved to be useful mainly for the evaluation of a DWI image measured with a diffusion gradient in the z axis, where the relative measurement error decreased to 3.38 % (during measurement using two images, the relative error was greater than 19 %). For small errors within the measurement of diffusion constants of a deionized water sample (< 5 %) it was necessary to select a b-factor value larger than 200·106 s.m-2. Temperature stabilization with accuracy better than 0.1 °C during the entire measuring process is a necessary prerequisite for the measurement of biological or material samples with relative accuracy lower than 1 %.

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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing