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Development of the body scheme in children in primary education: a systematic narrative review of the influence of an intervention plan on this psychomotor component



The purpose of this review is to summarize the scientific literature that examined the importance of physical activity programs in the development of body scheme in primary school students by identifying methods and tests used to test body scheme on motor development, spatial-temporal orientation and coordination.


Using the electronic databases Research Gate and Web of Science, we searched for articles using key words, including terms related to methods, intervention plan, children’s age and body schemes. We selected only those that followed the influences of an intervention plan on children.


We selected 30 articles regarding the development of the body scheme, the spatial-temporal orientation and the coordination through an activity plan. The study results in the three categories show a significant influence on body scheme, spatial orientation and coordination. Following the tests applied and the results obtained, we can say that a well-structured program of physical activity influences the child’s development in terms of body scheme. If it is correctly integrated, one can avoid the existence of body diagram disorders that are quite common for children.


The harmonious physical development of the child is influenced by a program of physical activity. Early participation in these programs is recomended in order to avoid disorders of body scheme.

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