Back pain in adolescents has become an increasingly common cause of presenting oneself for examination at the medical recovery service for diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic conduct, sometimes being the first and only symptom present.


We conducted a retrospective study that took into consideration the quantification of the number of adolescents suffering from back pain secondary to idiopathic scoliotic deviation for a 3-year period, and the identification of favoring/determining factors of this pathology, as well as highlighting the importance of the rehabilitation treatment applied to them.


67 adolescents with back pain secondary to idiopathic scoliosis participated in medical rehabilitation programs of 10 daily sessions, every 6 months in the Medical Rehabilitation Department of the “Louis Țurcanu” Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children in Timișoara for a period of 12 months (from 02.2019 to 01.2020) and daily at home - individualized/adapted exercise programme.


We emphasize the importance of the medical rehabilitation team in the management of back pain secondary to idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents, and the identification and fight against the factors that favor it.


Physical exercise must be performed on the long-term; it must be started as soon as the condition is diagnosed, with periodic evaluations and its periodic adjustment according to results and disease evolution.

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