High performance modern tennis is characterised by high dynamism, speed in thinking and action, precision and high technical and tactical skills. In this study, we used direct observation and statistical recording of nine matches during two competition years in the tennis players Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andre Agassi. In these tennis players, we studied mainly the return of serve, one of the most important shots in tennis, together with serve, as first shots in a point. We have chosen the three tennis players because they are the best example of return of serve as shown by the matches recorded and interpreted. The study we have carried out shows that return of serve makes Agassi a winner in most matches. The high percentage in Federer’s serves makes his adversaries have a lower percentage in return of serve, which prevents them to win against his serve. High percentage in return of serve results in more points on the adversary’s serve and an opportunity to start the offensive point. After comparing the three tennis players mentioned above, we can see that the highest percentage of points won on return of serve belongs to Agassi, which ranks him among the best return of serve tennis players in the world. The tennis player with the highest percentage in return of service is the one who wins the match, which shows, once again, the importance of the return of serve. Return of serve can be a strong counter-attack weapon if used at its highest level.

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