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Preliminary Analysis of Wind Parameters at the Planned Construction Sites of Wind Generators


To choose optimal place for wind turbine, you need to know two basic parameters:

Vaverage – the average wind throughout the year (or during the season when more electricity is needed). The total amount of kilowatt hours of electricity you will get, depends on this parameter.

Vmax – the maximum possible dangerous gust of wind during a storm. The required strength depends on this parameter and hence the cost of construction.

In order to evaluate the place itself, it is possible to combine these two parameters to only one physical parameter: VBojat – the average wind speed which is devaluated by hurricanes.

In this article, it is called: “Bojatspeed”: VBojat=Vaverage3Vmax2\[{{V}_{\text{Bojat}}}=\frac{V_{\text{average}}^{3}}{V_{\max }^{2}}\].

Measurements for Vaverage must be done for at least a year, but for Vmax for at least ten years. They are obligatory before any decision about construction of wind turbine. And not generally in the country, but exactly in the particular place. A system of two devices for such measurements is described in this article: anemometer and brazmometer. Both are made in Latvia. They are purely mechanical and include no electronics – that is why they do not require battery or any service during many years.

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