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Study of Stability Criteria of Automatic Control Systems By Multiparametric Aviation Objects


This paper considers the comparative analysis of the physical and mathematical methods of the optimal operation of aviation objects’ automatic control systems, which is an urgent scientific and technical task. The paper also represents the corresponding stability criteria, depending on the operating conditions, and the influence of external factors that allows ensuring the automatic control systems’ reliable operation not only in normal circumstances, but also in the presence of probable disagreements. The scientific novelty of the research lies in developing new stability criteria by means of synthesising the influence of different factors and also the ability to ensure optimal functioning of the automatic control systems. Corresponding mathematical and computer models have been developed. The use of these models allows to determine the optimal stability criteria for control systems with parameters of a different physical nature and ensure reliable operation of electromechanical systems for general and special applications based on the current analysis. The research results are illustrated by corresponding mathematical models, engineering calculations and modelling of the optimal control limits depending on the influence of various factors. The simulation results coincide with the theoretical calculations, which indicates the consistency between the microprocessor-based and software of automatic control systems.

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