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Unmet Needs in the Process of Chemotherapy Provision in Pancreatic Cancer Patients from the Healthcare Provider Perspective: A Phenomenological Study in Greece



Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death overall, with 1.5 years life expectancy and minimal therapeutic progress in the last decades. Despite the burden it causes, there is little research on the needs of this specific population. This study aimed to explore healthcare professionals’ views on providing care and patients’ unsatisfied needs.


This qualitative descriptive study was carried out at a cancer hospital in Northern Greece. A total of 12 participants (6 physicians and 6 nurses), treating patients with pancreatic cancer undergoing chemotherapy, were recruited through purposive sampling and underwent face-to-face semi-structured interviews. Data were analyzed through the thematic analysis method in NVivo12 software.


The analysis highlighted two themes: “needs of patients with pancreatic cancer” consisted of 6 subthemes (“daily activities”, “symptoms management”, “psychological support”, “information needs”, “multidisciplinary care” and “end-of-life care”) and “needs of healthcare professionals” had 3 subthemes (“psychological support”, “education” and “organizational support”). Several symptoms are identified and affect the daily activities of these patients, and psychological support is important for the majority of them, even at the time of diagnosis. The participants express dissatisfaction with the absence of palliative care structures and services and stated that an interdisciplinary approach would improve the quality of care.


Healthcare professionals report a wide range of unsatisfied needs of patients with pancreatic cancer, with the majority expressing their concerns about the complete lack of patient support in the last stages of their lives.

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