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The Factors Associated with Anxiety and Depression in Slovenian Armed Forces Members on a Peacekeeping Mission in the Western Balkans / Dejavniki, Povezani Z Depresijo In Tesnobnostjo Pri Slovenskih Vojakih Na Mirovni Misiji Na Zahodnem Balkanu


Objective: To identify the factors associated with the onset of depression and anxiety in professional soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo in 2009.

Methods: A cross-sectional study of 244 members of the Slovenian Armed Forces on a peace-keeping mission, using the Depression Self Rating Scale, the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale and a background questionnaire, was performed.

Results: A 6.9% prevalence of depression and a 7.9% prevalence of anxiety were identified. The presence of a chronic pain condition and the recent termination of an intimate relationship were independently associated with the onset of either anxiety or depression or with a co-morbidity of anxiety and depression.

Conclusions: In spite of medical and psychological examinations prior to peacekeeping operations, the onset of anxiety and depression calls for special attention and empowerment by teaching peacekeepers how to use their social support and personal mastery resources.

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Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Hygiene and Environmental Medicine